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Our services

Contract Law

Includes the drafting of agreements such as purchase and sale agreements, lease agreements and partnership agreements to name a few.

Criminal Litigation

KP Naidoo Attorneys are able to provide assistance in many common law offences including drunken driving, theft and assault to name a few, as well as many bail applications

Civil Litigation

Types of disputes that KP Naidoo Attorneys have experience in includes claims against the state, motor vehicle collisions, evictions, claim for arrear rental and services rendered.

Conveyancing and Property

KP Naidoo Attorneys have experience and are able to assist with contracts of sale, exchange and transfer, advice on property, notarial bonds leases and servitudes.

Wills, Estates, Trusts and Planning

KP Naidoo Attorneys are qualified in resolving disputes relating to and the winding up deceased estates, as well as the drafting of wills and redistribution agreements.

Debt Recovery

Make life simpler in enlisting the services of KP Naidoo Attorneys who would professionally investigate and provide a report regarding a debtor with the aim of seeing that a debt owed is recovered efficiently.

Family Law

This part of the law deals with adoption, child custody, visitation, divorces, domestic violence, harassment or restraining orders, spousal maintenance as well as rights in respect of minors. KP Naidoo Attorneys aim to deliver sound advice while understanding the sensitivity that most matters of this nature inherit.

Labour Disputes

KP Naidoo Attorneys deal with many labour matters which include contracts of employment, discrimination relating to the workplace, gender or disabilities, health and safety agreements, as well as restraint of trade agreements, to name a few.

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